Thursday, 29 May 2008

Step 6... Profit!

Them good 'ole spam messages are getting more cryptic! This is the latest one I just recieved:
1. Find a girl
2. Invite her to your appartments
3. Use subject product V (or C)
4. Have fun
5. Take her number
6. Profit?
Beats me what that means! Maybe it's really a secret code...


Petahpie said...

This is an old internet joke, although you could shout back at whoever sent that "you're doing it wrong!" because he is.
The key to "profit" is that no one knows how it occurs even though it is the key too all success in the universe. Therefore, the step just before profit is "???" such as the following example.


1. Get a zippo
2. Gather your friends
3. Get on the internet
4. Show your friends your myspace
5. ???

it's not supposed to make sense.. its just a joke.

Iain said...

Yeah, I've been around long enough to get the "??? Profit" joke. I was more surprised by the fact the spammer almost had a clue, even thought it wasn't quite used right.

My confusion was over the product V (or C), but I get that now too :)

Thanks for readin'

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