Tuesday, 20 May 2008

CeBIT, day 1

I woke up early (strange bed, you know the drill) so I headed off for CeBIT early, and got there around 9am. The Sydney Exhibition Centre is built under part of the freeway:

The open wasn't till 10am, so I watched people turn up, people have trouble with the magic registration machine, booth babes wander around lost, crowds milling, etc.

The open source conference was interesting. I would like more guts and bolts, but it was aimed more at people slightly more unaware of open source. These photos were taken at the end during the "panel".
Speakers were (left to right) Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian)
Don Christie (Catalyst IT)
Frank Feldmann (RedHat)
Matt Palmer (Engine Yard)

... Alex Lee (Lateral Minds)
Grant Allen (Google)

Shane Owenby (Oracle)

I was mildly surprised to find Shane and Frank in the same room :)

After the conference I had about half an hour to check out the stalls. I saw a very big TV:

and a Stereoscopic LCD:

tomorrow I'll take two photos of it, so you can get the 3D effect!

That's all for now!


neill said...

still waiting for my two photos! :)

Iain said...

D'oh, I knew I forgot something!

It was actually pretty neat - no 3D glasses needed.

There was another 3D display (at Antec I think) but you had to wear these sunglass type things. Objects closer to you looked slightly blurry.

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