Wednesday, 4 June 2008

GoogleEarth flight simulator

Last night I was thinking "GoogleEarth imagery would make a great backdrop for a flight simulator"...
  1. Start GoogleEarth (I have version on Gentoo Linux)
  2. Turn on the "terrain"
  3. Press ctrl-alt-a
  4. Choose between an F16 jet fighter, or an SR22 4 seat propeller aeroplane.
  5. Fly! The mouse works as the usual joystick controller (down=pull up; up=down, just as I like it!)
You have some other controls too: g (landing gear); up/down arrows (throttle); f (extend flaps); F (retract flaps). And yes - since you have landing gear you _can_ crash! Turn on the terrain option for a 3D view. I landed at my local airport! Not quite as smooth as my good ole Janes FA/18, but still very cool...

It may be a bit buggy - if it locks up just restart GoogleEarth, and choose from one of the default starting points.

Of course, I'm not the first to know - Google has fully documented the keyboard shortcuts!

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