Thursday, 3 December 2009

Goodbye comment spam!

I don't know whether to count myself privileged or unlucky, but spammers have now started comment spamming by blog!  I guess this is one of those annoying rights-of-passage.

I noticed a trend where they first post something simple like "I really enjoyed reading this post about <random word from blog>, thankyou".  Since allowing a few of thoses, I'm now getting 6 or so spams a day.

I first turned on comment verification for posts older than 14 days, but that just means I get the comment spam in my inbox.

So I've now turned on captcha's (or "word verification" as Google's blogger calls it) so let's hope that reduces the spam.

If you're interested, the setting is in "Settings > Comments" called "".  Choose "yes" and save.

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