Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hallo from Germany!

I'm in Nurnberg at the SPC/IPC/Drives fair this week! Great weather, great people, great service! Germany is the land of automation - from toilets to bars, there's some level of automation everywhere.

I also like the public toilets - €0.50 to get in (refundable on a purchase from the nearby shops) however the toilets are high-quality 5-star and CLEAN! (Of course with automatic taps, flushers, etc). And some pipe rainforest sounds as well... I'd happily pay 50c to use a clean public toilet in Australia.

Anyway, it's great to see all the manufacturers that I couldn't access in Australia, under one roof (or 10 roofs actually). I've been able to get access to some of the head developers for PLCs and IPCs and ask them detailed questions that Australian distributors have no clue about.

I even bumped into Manfred Werner (not realising it was him until we swapped business cards) because he happened to be standing at the CoDeSys front desk. I was able to ask him about the future of CoDeSys and the integration of a C compiler. Needless to say they're not considering it right now, but the Matlab code generation topic has been raised with them a lot recently, so they're thinking...

Well, the days are short, the weather is a refreshing "cool", and I'm looking forward to the Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt) on my only day off. So Guten Tag!

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