Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What do do with a bluetooth GPS

I received a bluetooth GPS, by TomTom, which came with TomTom Navigator 5.

It installs on my O2 Windows Mobile 5, it pairs, it works, but there are no maps for Australia. It is, after all, from 2005.

(I've made some notes on extracting and installing CAB files in Linux without ActiveSync, which you might be interested in).

I've searched for map downloads, but as far as I can tell, they're not available for Australia for this version of Navigator. Nor are TeleAtlas maps, which are supposedly compatible.

So the question is: What do I do with this bluetooth GPS? It works fine with my phone, and no doubt would work with my laptop. I don't want Google Maps, because it doesn't give voice guided directions, nor does it allow you to download maps. (You have to be within range of a 3G tower at all times).

I would have liked a voice-guided navigator for my mobile, but I can't find one. Nor do I want to hack or download the latest Tomtom Navigator, or equivalent.

Your suggestions please! The more unusual the better! Duct tape required! Perhaps a GPS-aware back to base alarm for my car? You think of something...

Ideas so far:

  • Download a compatible program and create data for OpenStreetMap. (OpenStreetMap is creating a royalty free and open GPS street map of the world, but they need GPS data). I could permanently mount my GPS and phone in the car, and upload the data from time to time.

    The only problem is Yahoo has provided some free data already which covers most of the city I live in...

  • Sell it (no box, CD's, used condition, I might get $20USD...)

  • (Waiting for idea #3)


rullzer said...

You should chekout OpenStreetMap. Get yourself a copy of any Garmin Software (or browse the wiki for any Windows Mobile software) and use OpenStreetMap Maps on your mobile!

Anonymous said...

Sell it.

GPS vehicle tracker said...

Notes on extracting and installing CAB files are really good.If you have found any solution about your problem please share it here.

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