Wednesday, 5 August 2009

SynCE 0.14 updates

SynCE 0.14 ebuilds are now available in the overlay for all SynCE packages. (See the instructions here for details)

You should have no trouble compiling and installing (of course, let someone know if you do!)

Most of the SynCE problems seem to come from configuring and using (or trying to). So before you report any bugs, please try these steps. Note: this is a short summary! Please read the SynCE wiki for full instructions.
  1. First verify you have version 0.14 of everything, using eix, equery, genlop or whatever.
  2. Backup all your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Files. (I use Sprite Backup that came with my Treo Pro). This is important as Windows Mobile 6 will delete all data associated with a deleted partnership.
  3. Remove the multisync group (your command may vary)
    $ msynctool --delgroup synce-sync
  4. Remove the partnership
  5. Delete the ~/.opensync and ~/.synce directories (copy any local config files first)
    $ rm -rf ~/.opensync ~/.synce/*
  6. Create a new partnership (change the name and objects to synchronise)
    $ "TreoPro" "Calendar"
  7. Create a new opensync group, and add members (alter members to suit your needs)
    $ msynctool --addgroup synce-sync
    $ msynctool --addmember synce-sync evo2-sync
    $ msynctool --addmember synce-sync synce-opensync-plugin
    $ msynctool --showgroup synce-sync

    If these steps fail, check the output from --listplugins
    $ msynctool --listplugins
    Available plugins:
If you upgrade sys-apps/hal to >= 0.5.13 (which is now in ~x86) you will have to compile synce-hal again. This is because the hal scripts directory has changed, and synce-hal only detects this at install-time.

Errors similar to were fixed for me by following the steps above.

Let me know of your success / failure. SynCE 0.14 will be in portage in the fullness of time!

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