Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Windows isn't phoney 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1. Do you use it or ignore it?

After dropping my old phone and using a cheap replacement Lumia for a couple of weeks, here are my impressions of windows phone 8.1 in a nutshell:

It looks impressive. Features on paper are excellent and the minimal UI is cleaner, more grown up, easier to see and coherent unlike other major operating systems.

It promises a lot, with things like continuum, if you can upgrade to windows 10.

but it's not all peachy of course... I will expand and explain this soon:

  • Text entry is bad - frequent wrong words
  • Autocorrect doesn't correct mistakes with spaces
  • Log in screen doesn't use real estate for passcode well
  • Cortana doesn't use real estate well for main search button
  • Cortana requires two clicks to start typing
  • IE need to click many times before text select works, if at all
  • IE need to click many times before link href works
  • No way to unlock direct to email/text - need to go via home screen first
  • OneNote uses inconsistent item selection from the rest of the system
  • Generally list select doesn't work like Windows 8 (pull down)
  • Emails don't render properly all the time
  • Email view is light theme when email inbox list is dark theme
  • Only one app for detailed content on lock screen
  • Calender only shows one event on lock screen
  • Webpages stop loading half way through and cut off half the page
  • After stopping a webpage loading using x, the refresh button doesn't work
  • You can't change the type of phone (eg home to mobile) without deleting the number, and adding it to a new phone field
  • There's no text zoom bubble so its near impossible to accurately position the cursor

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