Friday, 28 January 2011

Customising Dates in Evolution

Evolution is Gnome's official email, calendar, contact, & task management software.  ie. I use it daily to check my emails.

I've always had a pet peeve with date formats that look like this:
It's fine when I'm thinking about mail relative to today.  However, sometimes I have to check for certain emails with regard to the absolute date.  For example, "What was all the correspondence to a certain customer on the 21st".  I would quickly scan the date column for 21/01/11, and find there isn't any.  However the 21st was last Friday, which is shown as "Fri 02:42 PM".  There are various reasons why this is not a good thing with regard to efficient human-machine interfaces, however there are also good reasons for a fuzzy date.

Since Linux gives you so much choice (in the right places) it's gratifying to see the option to change the date column to any of a number of presets, or your very own format:

As you can see, I've selected a simple day/month/year format:

Note: the version of Evolution used here is 2.32.1

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