Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Internet TV... without the internet TV bit.

So I bought a 32" LED backlit (not LED pixel) LCD Samsung a couple of months ago.  It's hard to compare "Internet" TVs because each brand puts their own spin on exactly what "internet" means.

The Samsung series 6 has an Ethernet port, and by default Windows (Vista and higher) detect it and ask if you want to "trust" it or not.  The TV detects DLNA servers you might have easily on your network too.

But what about this "internet" claim?  When I first bought it, there were some simple internet "apps" that you can choose from and install.  Mostly boring stuff from a TV perspective like Google Maps, Picasa, Facebook, Youtube, etc.  This is all good but not exactly what I'd call internet "TV".

Today I noticed there were some internet app updates, including Bigpond TV and Twitter.  After downloading and running the small updates I ran the Bigpond TV app.  A nice video tells me I have to run a software update.  About half an hour later the software on the TV is updated from 001014 to 003003.  The first thing I noticed is the TV guide updates the screen when loading new EPG data, instead of waiting till the end.

Finally at almost half past midnight I'm looking forward to seeing what Internet TV channels are available, and I'm greeted with "Sorry, we are currently unable to retrieve Time Information.  Please call us on ... for help."  woot, is that it?  No, it appears I can still load the channel list (albeit with no previews).

That is until it locks up because I scroll too fast.  Yup, the whole TV has locked up.  My faith is partly restored as the watchdog timer kicks in and reboots the TV.  However, all Internet TV settings are reset, I have to agree to the copyright and disclaimer again, and now all my apps need updating again.

And now for the commentary: If you want Internet TV to be preferred over a computer, it should be better (easier, faster) than a computer to watch up to date, relevant, live content.


foremylife said...

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Iain said...

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