Wednesday, 6 October 2010

WakeOnLan from your Pocket PC

There are various programs and tips around for those of us who still use Windows Mobile (yes, I don't have an iPhone nor and Android phone...)

I've gathered some tips to set up "Wake on Lan" so you can wake any computer in your house from your mobile/PPC.
I'm assuming you've configured your computers to operate with "Wake on Lan".  This is sometimes a bit of magic, so I'm not covering that in this howto.

These steps install a program called WakeOnLan.exe and set up shortcuts to it so you can just click on an icon to start each PC:
  1. Install WakeOnLan from the xda-developers.  Just unzip it and put it in "\Program Files\WakeOnLan\WakeOnLan.exe" on your device.
  2. Browse to this location with explorer on your PPC. Select the WakeOnLan executable and click "copy"
  3. Browse to where you want the shortcut to appear:

    • "\Windows\Start Menu" will show in your start menu (I use this one)
    • "\Windows\Startup" will be run when you reset or power cycle the device
    • "\Windows\Programs" will apear in your Start Menu > Programs folder
    • "\Windows\Settings" will appear in your system settings
  4. Select on some empty space (not an existing file) in your chosen folder and choose "Paste shortcut"
  5. Use a text editor on Windows / Linux to edit this new file, or one on your device (I didn't have any that would open on my device so I copied it to Linux, edited in emacs, then copied it back)
  6. Edit the line that looks like:

    40#"\Program Files\WakeOnLan\WakeOnLan.exe"

    essentially this is a character count, a "#", the location the shortcut points to, and arguments. Add your MAC address like this and take note of the quotes:

    58#"\Program Files\WakeOnLan\WakeOnLan.exe" AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

  7. count the characters of the shortcut, mac address, and space, then add one. This is your new number (in my case, 58).

    An easy way to do this is to use "wc" on Linux:

    echo "\Program Files\WakeOnLan\WakeOnLan.exe AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF" | wc -c

    (remember to add 1!)
Now you can repeat the process and paste as many different WoL shortcuts as you like! I've made just one and called it "WoL MythTv" to wake up my media centre at home. Neat

 Now, what if you don't want to repeat that process all the time? Well there's a program called "WoL Everywhere" that does it all for you.  You'll need the .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Thanks to codekingdom and christec.

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