Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gentoo... improving?!

There's been lots of talk in the past about Gentoo dying.  I won't provide the links - they're (usually) useless and uneducated non-Gentooers trying to play fortune teller.  From the "inside" perspective of a user, I still use Gentoo and it still works.

So following on from the comments on a previous post about some network control tools, a user commented on a Summer of Code project to improve Network Manager integration in Gentoo.

As I was browsing through the 2010 ideas, I realised there are some quite neat ideas here which will continue to keep Gentoo configurable, fast, and leading edge. Such as tags support for portage; Fastboot and Upstart for 5 to 10 second boot times; Dracut (the "distro-neutral initrd framework"); even an ebuild generator; and Visual Gentoo to graphically edit Gentoo configuration files. (OK this last one, it could be argued, was leading edge a long time ago, but then it could also be argued that text-based configuration files are the one true way!)

There's even some nice Council support goodness tabled.  Anything to help the council, young Padawan!

Let's hope lots of you SOC young'uns get going and support these projects.

So I finish by saying Gentoo: "It's not dead".

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