Friday, 29 January 2010

Firefox Personas

Firefox Persona's - inevitable Bling Bling or worthwhile (but still Bling Bling)?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I just upgraded Mozilla Firefox to version 3.6.  The what's new? page is different this time.  Instead of the usual congratulations, security notes and links, I'm greeted with "Thanks for supporting Mozilla’s mission of encouraging openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web!" and "Choose Your Persona".

If you mouse-over any of the "persona" thumbnails, Firefox's theme changes dynamically. Cool.  Note only that but there's been quite a bit of design effort into making these personas look sleek, integrated, and elegant.

From This

To This!

I would be happy with the old Netscape look for years to come (why did they need to keep changing the logo anyway?) but I guess the iPod yungun's of today are attracted to shiny silver objects, and that goes for the software world too.  In the age of "I'll buy anything new from Apple just  because it's cool" it's inevitable that Firefox adds some chrome!

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