Monday, 13 July 2009

Hey you! Follow my Blog! (please?)

A huge thanks to the many visitors to my blog each month. I've made a few changes to my blog to make it a bit more interactive.

Now you can "follow" this blog and see an image cloud of other followers. Just click on the "Follow" button to the right.

Also, I've added "reactions" below each post. They're easier than comments, and it offers a way to give me some quick feedback (like "cool", or "shut up!").

So please try it out, For Great Justice. (or not, it's up to you :)


Anonymous said...

You have to be logged on to to follow?
I could follow if I managed to figure out how to with openid...

Iain said...

Hm. Well, it was a cheap shot at grabbing attention anyway :)

And yes, it's official, I am now following my own blog. (Just to try it out of course...)

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