Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The results are in: It's Apathy by a landslide!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my recent poll "What would you like me to post more about?" That is, all 6 of you, including myself. The results are as follows:

3(50%)IT related technical articles
3 (50%)
Linux howto's, tips & tricks
3 (50%)Renewable energy power station bio's
2 (33%)Reviews of my electronics (phone, set top box, espresso machine, etc)
2 (33%)Random thoughts & musings on anything
1 (16%)Personal & Family events
0 (0%)Dell Precision M6300 howto's for running Linux
0 (0%)I can't stand reading anything you write!

There were 6 unique voters, including myself. The poll ran for most of April, 2009. Voters could select multiple entries.


So what? Well, there were nowhere near enough votes for me to make any drastic changes. Most of my visits are for the ever-popular Vmware keyboard page. I can safely say that the results can be completely ignored!

If you don't agree, comment!

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