Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A new office

Along the lines of my other workplace stories:

I work for a software, electrical and mechanical style company. My part has always been software related, so where I work is not always important. With the exception of the occasional PLC to program, or switchboard to test, I can work from home, work, plane etc. We've suggested before that the software "arm" of 3 - 4 people move closer to the city, freeing up some space for other employees that need to be near our workshop. This has always been knocked back straight away though.

Recently things have been looking up for the company in general, which is good news. However, I hear rumblings that the MD / GM type people want to open a new office close to the city - coincidentally in the same suburb that these people live... I wonder if there will be enough room for me, but then do I want to work there (given who will be in the same office...)?!

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