Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Gnome 2.18: "Prepare to be underwhelmed"

So gnome 2.18 is released with the slogan "prepare to be underwhelmed" [1]. OK, perhaps this is a bit harsh, but not for invalid reasons...

I'm not going to bore you with a full review, for that you can just google your heart out! Instead, I'll list a few things that I like (or not) after my first few days of usage:

  1. There is a nice disk usage analyser, with a great pie-chart-on-steroids view of where your data is. This will definitely beat hands-down my old du analyses.
  2. When you unmount a drive, you're asked if you want to empty the trash first (trash from removable media is stored on said media in a .Trash folder)
  3. Ala windows, you get a "drive ready to be removed" after you've unmounted a drive.
  4. The annoying power messages telling you your power has been unplugged no longer stay up when power is returned. (Instead they use the notification popup).
And the bad:
  1. There is still no gnome-screensaver customiser like the goold ol' xscreensaver-demo. Instead, gnome-screensaver-preferences has added a "power management" button. Great...
Executive summary: Don't go to the big screen, wait for the TV release!

I know there are valid excuses for these and other criticisms, but the point is Gnome is aimed at a simplified user interface, and a simplified user isn't going to understand complicated reasons about why they can't customise their screensaver, for example.

In My Humble Opinion, this looks like 2.16.4. But I'd rather some release than no release at all.

[1] http://www.linux.com/articles/61210

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